Chelsea | Portraits

Chelsea turns 24 this coming week. It's hard to believe we've celebrated 6 birthdays together!! Chelsea is so much fun in front of the camera and her eyes are killer. Chels is one of those friends that graciously allowed me to constantly photograph her when I was just starting out & my work was less than impressive. I'm so thankful for her constant encouragement and sweet spirit. 

Thaleigha | Portraits

Thaleigha came back to Lynchburg this weekend for a visit. She'll tell you she loves DC, but I know she misses her old stomping grounds. We spent Saturday exploring some new places with a new friend, brunching and eating birthday cake. I don't know about you, but that's pretty much the perfect Saturday. 

Hannah | Portraits

Hannah is an extremely talented makeup artist and a good friend. Hannah showed up to her session in this beautiful red dress and it was like all my photographer dreams came true. We decided to shoot in a field and aesthetically, it was absolutely perfect. The weather, however, was not so perfect. It was freezing outside and Hannah was such a trooper. The wind really worked for us and gave her dress beautiful movement. I love shooting at golden hour through sunset - the photos have beautiful warm tones and it gives them this really dreamy look. 

If you're looking for a MUA, you should definitely contact Hannah!